Curators’ Acknowledgements

The curators wish to thank the following people and organizations who aided in the development of this exhibition and publication: Cornelia Oberlander and her family, especially Judy and Wendy Oberlander; Eva Matsuzaki; Professor Susan Herrington; the Canadian Centre for Architecture and its staff, including Giovanna Borasi, Caroline Dagbert, Catherine LaRivière and Martien de Vletter; Charles Birnbaum and the Cultural Landscape Foundation; Barry Downs; Ken Cameron; Rita Elisabeth Risser; Serge Belet and Sasha Suda at the National Gallery of Canada; Perkins and Will; Enns Gauthier Landscape Architects; British Pacific Properties Limited; Sandra Rotman; Turner Wigginton; Etta Gerdes; Ihor Pona; the BC Society of Landscape Architects; the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects; Canadian Architect; Desiree LaCas; Craig Litwin and Benita Lee; and our colleagues at the West Vancouver Art Museum and the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Amery Calvelli and Hilary Letwin